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Renovations & Revitalizations

110-120 North Main Street


It takes an incredible amount of effort to do historic renovations! We retain as many historic features as possible, while creating a functional, modern living space. Much like our current project at 110 Baldwin Street, the Pagett Block Building at 110 N. Main had seen much better days, but between 2019 and 2020, we had it dramatically transformed with the help of Johnson-Schmidt and Associates Architects! This $1.5 million project involved the rehabilitation of five commercial units on the first floor and 16 market rate apartments on the second and third floors. Considered a historically significant restoration vital to the long-term vision for Elmira, this project received a grant from the Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant from New York State.

On the exterior, we repointed the brick where necessary as well as other masonry repairs, and the building was painted in a historically appropriate color scheme, with accent colors that amplify its ornate detail. Special attention is always given to windows, and 110 N. Main was given custom-built, wooden frame windows with modern energy standards, manufactured and installed as near-exact replicas of the building's original windows.
On the inside, we try to maintain as many of the positions of the interior walls as possible, while creating enough apartment space to make the project viable. Although this is a frequent challenge, the end result is incredible, unique spaces, with no two apartments alike. Other interior finishes include restoring hardwood floors when possible, retaining any and all original door and window casings, and reusing original doors wherever possible, refitted with new, period appropriate hardware.

Although historic features are preserved in our apartments, they still feature 21st century functionality, with finishes such as modern shaker cabinetry, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, dishwashers, and washers and dryers, much of which didn't exist in the 1880s. The end result is a historic and yet brand-new luxury building!

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