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About Us

"Known for Our Victorian Apartments"

Capriotti Properties first came to Elmira in 2006 as a Real Estate Developer.


A few years later our focus shifted to revitalizing Victorian properties in the Near Westside Historic District neighborhood, where many of the grand single family homes of yesteryear had been converted to apartments and allowed to slip into a state of disrepair by absentee landlords.

Through the purchase and renovation of multiple properties in concentrated areas, owner Jim Capriotti has effectively improved the status quo of housing options available to current and new residents in the city of Elmira.


Now we adjust our sights to the heart of Downtown Elmira and the opportunity to reinforce the fabric of our bustling community by renovating and offering modern apartments in historically significant buildings.

Summer 2020 saw the completion of 16 brand new residential apartments and multiple commercial storefronts at 110-120 North Main Street, Elmira. There's more to come as we embrace the evolving appeal of living Downtown, with ongoing renovations at 110 Baldwin Street and the historic Mark Twain Building.


vic∙tour∙ban, [vik-tur-buh n] adj.

1. displaying Victorian and urban aesthetics simultaneously;

Capriotti Properties offers victourban apartments in Elmira, NY.

stylish, modern, desirable

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Near Westside

Neighborhood Association, Inc.

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