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110-120 North Main Street


Our Properties

Our Properties

Historically known as The Padgett Block Building, 110 North Main Street was first completed in 1886 in the Italianate style. The first floor retail spaces have had a steady flow of tenants dating back to when it was first built. The upper floors were designed as a boarding/rooming house. The second floor held a centrally-located common room, kitchen, and a row of “water closets” for bathrooms (now home to water tanks for modern, private bathrooms). The third floor had a row of built-in phone booths to accommodate tenant needs. With the exception of an eye doctor’s office and a past owner’s efficiency apartment, we estimate the upper floors of the building to have been vacant for more than fifty years—the third floor for as much as eighty years!

We purchased this property in 2019, and had it meticulously renovated by the end of 2020. On the exterior, we repointed the brick where necessary as well as other masonry repairs, and the building was painted in a historically appropriate color scheme, with accent colors that amplify its ornate detail. Special attention is always given to windows, and 110 N. Main was given custom-built, wooden frame windows with modern energy standards, manufactured and installed as near-exact replicas of the building's original windows.

At street-level, 110 Main offers four commercial rental spaces facing Main Street, as well as a fifth storefront facing the newly redesigned Clemens Square. The second and third floors are made up of eight apartments each, some of which overlook Clemens Square. We maintained as many of the positions of the original interior walls as possible, while creating enough apartment space to make the project viable. Although this is a frequent challenge, the end result is incredible, unique spaces, with no two apartments alike. Other interior finishes include restoring hardwood floors when possible, retaining any and all original door and window casings, and reusing original doors wherever possible, refitted with new, period appropriate hardware. Each apartment features an urban décor design flooring, cabinetry, and color palette, stacked laundry units, full-size bathtubs, and energy efficient HVAC units that offer tenant-regulated climate control. Kitchens have upgraded stainless steel appliances, quality wood cabinetry, quartz countertops, and tiled backsplashes. Sixty energy efficient windows were ordered and rebuilt in the original framing for a “historic” new window. Bead-board wainscoting was removed in order to put drywall up for code reasons, and the wainscoting then reinstalled over top. Baseboards and crown moldings have been taken down and refinished, recreated where necessary, or repurposed elsewhere. In addition to the great new apartments, tenants of the Padgett Block Building also have a communal 18’x35’ rooftop deck accessed off of the third floor. It features a fire pit, a grill, tables and chairs, as well as an incredible view of downtown Elmira.

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