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1-8 Clemens Square


Our Properties

Our Properties

After the flood of 1972 and the subsequent destruction of much of downtown Elmira, “Urban Renewal” had gained traction, paving way for the new Centertown Parking Garage. The new garage would have the capacity for over 700 vehicles, and would include a ground-floor strip of commercial space facing the pedestrian space that would eventually come to be known as Clemens Square. Construction began for the parking garage in November of 1975, and a litany of delays resulted in its opening in February 1978. In that time, it housed Deister & Butler Jewelers, a John Deere showroom, as well as Chuck Clark's Restaurant, later known as the Red Room. By the mid 2000's, the spaces were completely abandoned. We purchased the lot in 2022; and with our restoration of the adjacent Mark Twain Building, it only made sense to breathe new life into this space as well! The space's brutalist style is a stark contrast to our usual Victorian aesthetic, consisting of two large spaces at either end, and a more modest center unit. Elmira Works Co-Working Space became the first finished space in 2023, occupying the center unit. We have big plans for the east unit, and the west unit is still available for development!

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