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209 College Avenue


Our Properties

Our Properties

William Starks, a conductor, had this home built in 1850. He sold to the Covells, an early pioneer family, who sold to the Halls, another early and well-known family in Elmira. In 1872 Delos Holden, a wholesale grocer, purchased the house. In 1881 Olivia Langdon Clemens held a $5000 mortgage on the house. The house sold in 1881 to George Dickinson, a retail grocer, who owned, at that time the second oldest grocery house, established in 1857, in the city. In 1918 the property was sold to Charles E. Young, a lumberman and businessman, and the house remained in his family until the 1990's, when it became office space and a beauty salon. We purchased this property in 2016, renovating it back into living space, with four gorgeous apartments. Features include large rooms, French doors, and multiple decorative fireplace.

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