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114 Elm Street


Our Properties

Our Properties

This large Queen Anne double house was built in 1900. Early occupants of the Gray Street side included Benjamin Rosenfield, an employee for the National Cigar Leaf Co. from 1901-191l, and Hamblin S. Byran, secretary of the Elmira Automobile Club from 1918-1933. On the Elm Street side, occupants included William J. Richardson, the managing editor of the Elmira Telegram, an aviation Instructor, funeral director (Charles F. Hughes and Son, 3l1 Lake St.), and manager of Sonotone of Elmira.

We purchased this property in 2012, and gave it a compete renovation. Its four large 1-bedroom apartments each feature a dining room, new kitchens, updated bathrooms, hardwood and laminate flooring, and some fireplaces and historic built-ins. Additional amenities and utilities at this building include laundry in each unit, water, sewer, and trash collection.

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