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519-521 West Gray Street


Our Properties

Our Properties

This 2-1/2 story Gothic Revival style double-house was built in 1884, and remains a side-by-side duplex, with two massive three-bedroom units. The first owner was Fred T. Estabrook, a piano and organ tuner and teacher, who lived there from 1885-1921. In 1908, Mr. Estabrook used part of the house for his business. By 1903, he constructed a stucco building in the rear of the lot for the storage of pianos.

We purchased this property in 2018, and have completely remodeled the 521 side, featuring restored hardwood floors, updated kitchens and bathrooms, a large back yard, grand staircase, and unique Victorian windows and frames. Additional amenities and utilities at this building include laundry in each unit, water, sewer, and trash collection.

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