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409-411 West Gray Street


Our Properties

Our Properties

This classic Queen Anne double-house was built in 1890 on a lot from the property of James L. Woods, a Lawyer with Diven, Hathaway, & Woods. He resided at 416 W. Water Street, and was the president of Elmira Gas and Light Co., as well as U.S. Commissioner from 1868-1869. Occupants of the building included a commercial travelers, retailers, a medical director, a dressmaker, educators, and a train conductor.

We purchased this property in 2012, and have been gradually renovating its three apartments as they become available. The west side of the building contains two up/down units, 1 bedroom each, and the east side is a large, two-story, three-bedroom half house. Additional amenities and utilities at this building include water, sewer, and trash collection.

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